Law Firm Internet Marketing

We provide expert Internet marketing guidance when using ad buying platforms and social media tools.

When you sign on with Sites For Law Firms, you get more than just a professionally designed website with built-in SEO content. Our monthly fee includes access to a comprehensive law firm Internet marketing support site. The articles that populate this site are written and updated by our expert online marketers and are designed to help law firms navigate the digital world of attorney website marketing options.

First and foremost, your website’s SEO is the most cost-effective way to guide your law firm internet marketing effort. And the best news, we’ve already done all of this heavy lifting for you. Once you’ve completed our Setup Wizard, you will have a website that is ready to rank high with the top search engines for the keywords and phrases that matter most to your firm.

Common Website Marketing Tools

Once you’ve reviewed the website to make sure it fits your law firm’s look and feel, there are other ways to advertise your online presence and generate even more leads. After SEO, the most effective attorney Internet marketing options include pay-per-click advertising, social media, email newsletters, video marketing and much more.

Google AdWords (Pay-per-Click / PPC)

Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

AdWords is Google's main advertising product and it is another powerful law firm Internet marketing tool. With AdWords, you can choose where and when your online ads appear. You pay for every click so it’s not nearly as cost effective as SEO, but it can definitely increase your website traffic even further.

Web Banner/Display Ads

Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

A web banner/display ad is a form of attorney Internet marketing that traditionally features images and logos combined with text that is geared toward a visual promotion of your areas of practice. You choose third-party sites based on interest to embed your banner ads into. Clicks are easily tracked and monitored.

Email Newsletters

Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

This is another very effective form of Internet marketing for attorneys. Not only is it important to inform your clients about the latest news with your law firm, but reaching out via email that clients opt in to is a great way to encourage them to return to your website and keep you on the top of their mind.

Video Marketing

Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

Attorney web marketing is becoming increasingly more visual. Video marketing is a creative way to promote events, testimonials, and services. Video is engaging and creates strong emotional connections. That said, creating and producing videos can be expensive. Make sure you’re working with experts.

Social Media For Law Firms

This has become a very important component of successful Internet marketing for attorneys and law firms. Developing a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter can generate quality leads by creating viral marketing not possible through other means. These platforms allow law firms to engage clients effectively using inbound marketing.


Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

Facebook is the most-used social network with over 900 million active users. The average Facebook user spends 120 minutes per day on Facebook. It has become an essential attorney web marketing tool for law firms to engage with clients.


Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

To create and foster professional online relationships, Linkedin is essential for any law firm and its attorneys. It is a great way to connect with potential clients, businesses and referral partners and is an invaluable research tool.


Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Law firms can upload their video marketing efforts here and create a branded channel for visitors to receive information on services as well as updates on the legal industry. If you already have video assets, YouTube is indispensable.


Attorney Web Banner/Display Ads

Twitter focuses on short-form messages and promotions called “Tweets.” Users can follow and receive updates on businesses, clients, brands, legal news and more. Having a Twitter page can benefit a law firm's SEO strategy, but make sure you're receiving expert advice when setting up an account.


Starting an industry specific blog is a time-tested way to not only provide useful information to an interested reader but it can also serve as an SEO boost to your main website. However, successful blogging requires high levels of time and energy.